Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Friendly - JCrew Style

Since I was girl, bracelets have always been a favorite accessory of mine. I really adore all jewelry and appreciate it's beauty and significance in enhancing ones look, but I especially LOVE bracelets! I love the endless combinations of; materials, textures, colors, and size. They are a quick and surefire way to instantly add personal style and fun to your outfit, and are so easily mixed and matched. I'm convinced it's practically foolproof to goof up throwing bracelets on and looking great!

My newest love is this beauty from JCREW. Isn't she lovely? Small, dainty, but shiny, detailed, and impactful all at once! It's a gorgeous cherry apple red, made of nylon cord, with a super shiny thin rhinestone chain, and my favorite - teeny tiny rhinestone covered balls at the ends! Love. Love. Love.


I layered it with a neon DIY bracelet I made, my simple black masculine watch, and another double row black friendship bracelet from Forever21. So so happy with it! Have any gorgeous bracelets you want to share about? I wanna hear! Xo


Kristin said...

Love your new score! And I really love that neon number too!

Urban Nester said...

Just found your blog, and I love it! Love this bracelet from JCrew! Glad I found you :] Come stop by my style blog and follow if you'd like! I'll be back!


Heather said...

Kristin - Thanks! Nice to meet you!

Urban Nester - Thanks as well, and nice to meet you! I will definitely come visit your site and please check back with mine! Also, I run, my personal style blog if you'd like to visit there too!


Kelly said...

Yes! I made a ton of friendship bracelets over the summer when I saw them at fashion week. Now that I know Jcrew is on board, I'm feel very fashion forward. Though, it's really more that I like to craft, and less that I know what's going on on the runway!