Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nearing Home Life, Faith, and Finishing Well by Billy Graham

It's safe to say Billy Graham is a Christian evangelist icon. He's spent his life sharing the "good news" and leading people to Christ. What an amazing life. Seriously. AMAZING, and I'm envious. If I thought I had enough wit and social/relational savyness to make it my life's work I would in a heartbeat. Because let's face it, "this life is a drop in the bucket" - as my Mom loves to say, but our souls are eternal. That's what really matters. Where we will spend eternity.

Wow, there's my first evangelist bit! Hey, I might just have a little knack for this, no? :)

Now about the book. Following suit with his other fabulous books, this one is just as great. It's definitely geared more for the more advanced(fancy for older) in age readers, but there's something to be gleaned from it for everyone. I personally enjoyed the essence of the book, which is, it really doesn't matter how you start or what you came from, it's about FINISHING WELL. Such a spot on concept because it's truth.

It also speaks to me personally because I'm a great starter. I get inspired by something and run with it! Research, purchase supplies, talk about it to people. Then a little ways into it I lose my steam, or motivation. Then there I am again looking around saying to myself. Seriously? How did this happen again? But I usually always push myself to finish.

This book is full of inspiration and firsthand knowledge of finishing well and how to do it. How to keep your focus on Him.

That's how it is with our Christian walk. New believers are hungry and fired up for the Word, learning and more of Jesus. Then life happens, complacency happens. We get in ruts, routines, or just make ourselves "busy". We neglect prayer and time with Jesus, being in his presence and time in the Word. It's ok though, we're human, we fall short, and it happens to all of us. The most important piece is to recognize it when it happens, shake it off(don't let condemnation phase you for a second), repent, and talk to the Lord about it. He's always right there ready to love on you and help in his merciful grace. He wants to equip you with everything you need for today and help you finish well.

It's all in surrender and constant communication with Him. He'll help you finish well. Promise. Just ask Him.