Monday, September 29, 2014

REVIEW -Chasers of the light - Poems from the Typewriter Series - Tyler Knott Gregson

I've been a huge fan of Tyler Knott's poetry for years.

I stumbled across a haiku on his Tumblr and it was love, immediately.
He is an incredibly gifted writer and there is such a rawness in his writing that is refreshing.

He started what he calls the "Typewriter Series". Which is essentially a lot of poems typed out on a vintage typewriter he found at an antiques shop. What makes them more special is he types them poems on random loose pieces of paper; receipts, restaurant menus, old book pages, really anything paper that's in reach. On top of that they're unedited, which makes them even more fabulous and whimsical!

Chasers of the light is his first published book (2014) of his Typewriter Series and it's gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I highly recommend buying if for yourself. Or buy two! It would make a really exceptional gift.

A peek at a few of the poems in the book.

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