Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living Beyond Your Feelings By Joyce Meyer Book Review

Joyce Meyer. Where do I even begin? I am a huge fan and sister in Christ to sister Joyce! I watch her show every morning while drinking my cup of jo and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. I would LOVE to attend one of her conferences someday! She's always so encouraging and real, so it's easy to relate to her and what she's teaching. She also doesn't mince words, which I love - because really, we all need truth, so why skirt the issue, candy coat it, or dilute it? Why not just deliver the truth in a loving direct way? Enter Joyce Meyer! I own many of her books, some which I have read multiple times, and really love them all. Her new book Living Beyond Your Feelings is no exception. I didn't want put it down, but when I had to, I found my mind wandering and thinking of what I was going to read next! To me, that's confirmation of a good book - when you catch yourself wanting to pick it up when you have a free moment. So much of this book spoke to me. I think we all could learn, benefit from, and work on, managing our emotions. Her voice in this book is uplifting, and encouraging, and she gives lots of insight into self examination, which I think is something else I know I'm guilty of not doing or giving too much thought too. Slowing down, and reflecting on where we're at in our season of life we're in, and how we're doing in our daily walk is such a healthy thing to do! This is a book I will most definitely read a few times, and would encourage you to buy or borrow it and experience the positive message it brings!

I would like to kindly thank Faithwords for my copy of this book! 


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have read one of her books recently and loved it...The Penny. Have you read it yet? ♥

Heather said...

I haven't. I've never heard of it? If it's good I've got to read it! Is it newer or older?