Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Morning

Good morning good morning! Or afternoon for some :) This morning has been slow and relaxing, on purpose of course, it just felt like one of those move-at-a-snails-pace-and-feel-at-peace-with-it mornings. Ahhhh....deep breath. To be perfectly honest, I am still in my pajamas. Yes, I wear pajamas. They are two-toned pink and very comfortable in fact. Every girl should own and wear pajamas. Daily. Lingerie is all fine and dandy and purposeful in certain instances, but it can never, and should never replace a lovely comfy pair of pajamas. Sigh.

Well, now that I've solved all the problems in the world this morning, I am going to get ready to greet my sweet little girl at the door in a few minutes and bake brownies with her. Speaking of brownies, she is one. We signed her up last week for Girl Scouts, and boy is she excited about it! More on that later.

SIDE NOTE - I am totally smitten with DownEast's new November catalog and everything in it! The holiday styling is perfection - think holiday decorated living room smack dab in the middle of a Christmas tree farm, um yes, perfection, and the clothes and accessories are just as noteworthy. If you have never heard of DownEast I am happy to be introducing you to such a lovely company, and encourage you to visit their website and request a catalog of your very own. You won't be disappointed. Promise.

I hope your morning/afternoon is a lovely one, just like you....